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Towards better care

A warm and personal customer experience should be a given when a customer enters a pharmacy online or offline.

The giosg platform gives your digital pharmacy the tools to connect and engage with your online customers and grow your business.

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The most secure platform for pharmacies to connect with customers

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Meet your customers
in live chat 👋

Assist your customers in real-time with live chat and help them find the products best suited for their needs.  Live conversations help pharmacists and cosmetologists sell prescription drugs and other products while providing personalised experiences.   Our live chat comes with:  

✔️ Tools to handle multiple chats simultaneously

✔️ Flexible chat routing system

✔️ Strong authentication integrations

✔️ Video calling & screen sharing

Go personal in secured interactions🔒

Our highly secure live chat makes sure your conversations containing customer and medical information stay private. This allows you to focus on personalised care for your customers. 

  We make sure your data is secured:  

✔️ We are GDPR compliant

✔️ We have ISO 27001 certification

✔️ We provide added security with giosg VAULT

✔️ We have 10-year experience with industries that demand high data security

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game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập

Provide accessible and your kind of customer journeys ✨

All of your customers should enjoy the personalised experience you provide them with.   

Our platform follows the WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines while allowing you to use, customize and target your different types of interactions from live chat and chatbots to pop-ups and quizzes to create your kind of customer journey:


✔️ Customize your visual look and feel

✔️ Communicate via mix of chat, voice, and video

✔️ Engage your visitors with interactive content

✔️ Reach your target audience with 30+ triggers

What else do we do for pharmacies?

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Automate your FAQs and guide your customers to the right information with chatbots.
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Video calls

Use video calls to connect with your customers in a personal way. Help customers more effectively with the ability to show them how to use the products.
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Feedback collection

Improve your customer experience by collecting feedback after chat conversations or directly from your website with a simple pop-up.
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Strong authentication

We have integrations to different strong authentication providers. You can set up secure log-ins to offer specific services.
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Get more scheduled appointments with your customers by offering calendar bookings proactively within bots and pop-ups.
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Campaign promotions

Promote your products via engaging pop-ups, quizzes, and banners with ready-made templates that require no coding skills.

Yliopiston Apteekki

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Yliopiston Apteekki (The University Pharmacy) is the biggest pharmacy in Finland. They are known for providing excellent customer experiences and leading the way with their digital customer service.  

We have helped them grow their digital sales channels by 10x during our long partnership. Their giosg chat service is their most popular service channel. 


chats per year


experts in the chat


chat service times

We are not an IT project

Adding interactive services and elements to your website doesn't have to be an IT project.   Just add our script and you're ready to go!  
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Ready to grow your pharmacy business and improve customer experience?

Request a demo with us today and we will show you how!
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