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giosg for Real Estate

Efficient Lead Generation Software for Estate Agents

Ready to convert more qualified property leads and efficiently automate your follow-up process?

giosg's estate agent software helps supercharge your speed to lead and ensures you never miss a lead again. From sellers to buyers and landlords to tenants, generating leads has never been easier.

Use lead generation chatbots to qualify, live chat to convert and workflows to automate your lead nurture process.

Trusted by leading property businesses

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game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập

Convert and qualify more seller leads

Don't let your team waste valuable time on low-quality leads. Turn website visitors into valuation bookings with targeted real-time conversations.

Use chatbots to ask qualifying questions, automate your estate agent lead qualification process and only start chats with high-intent leads. 

✅ Generate leads 24/7  ✅ Qualify more buyers and sellers ✅ Increase conversion rate by 24%

Automatically distribute leads to the right team

See a return on your online leads, by following up with your high-quality leads immediately. Giosg helps you respond to leads faster and nurture them through intelligent workflows helping you:


📍Distribute leads to the right branch
 tasks and reminders
📍Create real-time alerts 

Instantly assign leads to the right agents, respond to new leads immediately and send real-time reminders and mobile notifications. 

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game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập

Never miss an opportunity to capture leads

Your potential clients are browsing various websites and property portals to find their next home. That's why it's more important than ever before to engage with your leads in the right place at the right time.

In addition to generating seller leads on your own website, with giosg you can place your bots and live chat service on:


🏘️ Property Portals 

🏘️ Your partner websites 

🏘️ Interactive lead generation ads 

Power up your lead generation with
with giosg

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Giosg makes lead generation simple

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Qualify property leads 24/7

Create lead generation bots that convert website traffic 24/7. Build and publish bots that qualify and automatically convert your visitors into sellers even when you’re out of the office.audience.
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Industry-leading live chat

Provide fast and professional chat support and automatically route chat conversations to available agents across different teams and branches.
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Support the home buyer journey

Nurture your leads and provide a full-service online. Use your partner network to help your potential buyers find mortgages, home insurance, etc. all in one place.
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Integrate with your CRM

Let your valuable lead data flow seamlessly to your CRM and marketing automation software.
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Alert agents in real-time

Turn your leads into buyers with always-on follow up. Activate your agents with workflows or use the giosg app to instantly notify your sales team.
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Get analytics and insights

Get detailed data on your website visitors and real-time tracking as they move through your website.
“Giosg live chat allows our central sales team to provide personal attention and support at a time that is convenient for our customers. The feedback and results we have received have been very positive.” game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập
Anthony Glasgow, Chief Information Officer
Connells Group

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