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giosg Bot Builder

Convert More Traffic with Lead Generation Bots

It's time to start efficiently converting your hard-earned traffic.

WordStr your traditional lead generation tools with giosg’s easy-to-use chatbot builder.

Our bots proactively engage with your website visitors, making them 4X more effective than static lead capture forms.

No-Code Bot Builder

Effortlessly create, publish and target your custom bots to the right visitor,
at the right time. No coding required!

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Generate quality leads 24/7

Never miss a lead again. Bots work around the clock, so you don’t have to. Convert website visitors into high-intent leads, even when your sales team is out of office. 


Let bots do the heavy lifting! Automate your lead qualification process, collect valuable data, and ensure your sales team only engages with ready-to-buy leads.



Start with ready-to-use bot templates

Publish in minutes: Ready-to-use bot templates help you get started and generate leads from day one.
No need to start from scratch. 

Bring your brand to life! Our templates have pre-built conversation flows that help you connect and engage with visitors in a natural way. 

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Fully customise without coding

Customise your bot: Create a button-based chatbot that meets your company's objectives and brand guidelines. 


No-code solution: Edit your lead generation bots on the fly in our drag-and-drop editor. You have full control. No need to involve your tech team, or creative agency. 


Add media: Videos, images, GIFs and emojis will bring your bot to life.

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“Giosg has a great tool that helps us quickly, efficiently and effortlessly solve our online store challenges.”

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Ina Mickelsson, eCommerce Manager
Staples Finland

Why you need giosg bots for
lead generation?

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Increase your speed to lead

When your bot qualifies a lead, make sure your sales team knows!

Design bot workflows that connect sales leads to live chat and send real-time mobile notifications.

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Proactively engage leads

Convert and connect with leads at the right time, in the right place.

Trigger your bot based on visitor behaviour using any of our 30+ onsite targeting rules.

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Built-in chatbot A/B testing

Not sure what resonates best with your audience? No problem!

A/B test which version of your bot performs best. Optimise and republish your bot within minutes.

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Integrate with your tools

Connect your bot with live chat and your existing tools.

Convert bot leads quicker in live chat and integrate your bot data with your CRM or marketing automation software.

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Easily scale up your bots

There's no limit to what you can do with our chatbot builder!

Scale up your bot by adding videos, games, custom JavaScript, live chat and anything else you want to customise it.

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Extensive chatbot reporting

See how website visitors interact with your chatbots.

Our extensive and visual reporting unlock your visitor and performance data, helping you optimise your bots further.

Ready to capture more leads?

Request your free demo to get started!

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