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Start only meaningful sales conversations

Take your sales team online and empower them to sell more and close deals faster. It's time to get rid of unproductive prospecting and leave cold leads to your competitors!

Move leads through your sales pipeline

AI-powered live chat, intelligent chatbots, and targeted bots enable your team to start meaningful conversations with warm prospects in real-time. Accelerate your sales pipeline, increase your speed-to-lead and reduce customer acquisition costs with giosg.
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Shorten your sales cycle with proactive chat

Start conversations that convert into sales and chat with your most profitable prospects with our easy-to-use live chat. Proactively reach out to warm prospects that are already on your website and turn leads into sales. Increase your speed-to-lead to seconds and double your online conversion rate. 

Sell with bots while you sleep

Create chatbots to generate sales-ready leads 24/7 and ensure your pipeline grows even when your team is out of office. Customised bots automate your lead capture, book sales meetings on behalf of your team, and make sure sales carry on even when your business closes for the day. 
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game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập

Focus on the most profitable leads

Not all leads are equal. With our advanced targeting capabilities, you can ensure your time is spent on the most profitable leads on your website. By tracking your visitors' actions on your website, you can focus on chats that convert into deals.
“Live chat allows our central sales team to provide personal attention and support at a time that is convenient for our customers. The feedback and results we have received have been very positive.” game điện tửLiên kết đăng nhập
Anthony Glasgow, Connells Group Chief Information Officer

Ready to sell more?

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Boost your sales funnel conversion
with giosg

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Increase sales efficiency

Enable your team to be 5X more efficient and reduce your customer acquisition costs by having multiple chats at the same time. No more ineffective cold calling - only meaningful conversations that lead into sales!
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Identify leads that are ready to buy

Giosg's targeting engine makes sure you reach out to the right prospect at the right time. Only target your most profitable leads and start conversations with prospects that are ready to buy.
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Automate lead qualification

Get rid of unproductive prospecting by allowing bots and lead capture forms to qualify leads and book sales meetings 24/7. Choose the leads to focus on and only transfer warm leads to live chat.
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Increase order value

Improve customer lifetime value and increase your average order value by 30% by tracking shopping baskets in real-time. Use chat to upsell, or launch a bot to automate cross-selling.
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Close sales on the go

Close sales whenever wherever. Giosg mobile app sends instant notifications and enables your team to have meaningful conversations with potential customers on the go. Never again miss a sales opportunity.
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Measure sales success

Giosg analytics and reporting provides you with key figures on chats, your visitors, and sales in real-time. Get visibility into the number of conversions, order values, and total sales to prove your worth.

Want to increase your
online sales?

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